Resolutions – 2014

Here you will find all Resolutions passed by the City Council for the calendar year of 2014.

(Note that Resolutions are numbered with the first character as the letter “R” and then a 4-digit year followed by a 2-digit number beginning with “01” in each calendar year, and incrementing for each new resolution.)

R2014-01 – Usage Fees for Community Center Rental

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Update on water outage

The electrical problem was traced to the pump motor.  The well company pulled the pump and will be back in the morning (2-15-2014) to replace the pump and motor (which is still under warranty).  Once the pump is back in operation there will be one or more further updates so stay tuned.

With some luck we’ll still have a little water come morning, provided people are very careful with their water usage this evening and tomorrow morning.

Water Outage

This notice is being posted at about 3:50 PM, Feb 14th.

After monitoring the reservoir level for several days, which was continuing to drop, and checking everywhere we could in an attempt to find a leak, we discovered that we are having electrical issues with the pump wiring. An electrician has been called who we are expecting to be on site within the hour.

Hopefully we will get our pump back on line and that soon afterwards, there will be water in town again. If there is additional news it will be posted here.

At the current time there is no need for taking any extra precautions with your drinking water, and once the pump is properly working again, there should be no need to boil or otherwise treat the water as we have not had to open any lines at this time.


City Water Rates

The council has determined that we need to raise the water rates for all customers.  The proposed rate increase will, if and when approved, take effect April 1. 2014.

The rates will be:

For residential customers up from $25 per month to $30 per month, and

For commercial customers up from $30 per month to $40 per month.

This proposal will be submitted by resolution to the council at the Feb 3, 2014 Council Meeting

Made in America – The Carver’s and the Imperial Stock Ranch

I hope you enjoy this, Paula and I were very moved when Jeanne and Dan shared this story with us last night in church (1-26-2014).  The efforts Jeanne has made to help with this project, helping thousands of other Americans along the way is so heart warming.

or if the video doesn’t play here, go to this link:


We live in a very tiny town, Antelope, Oregon.  It’s out in the middle of about a million acres of mostly cattle ranches; some sheep, some dry land wheat farming, but mostly ranches.  A local rancher, Dan Carver and his wife, Jeanne also raise some sheep, most for their wool.  They’ve been strong and ardent promoters of self-sustaining ranching for many years and their IMPERIAL STOCK RANCH is proof it works.  Jeanne is frequently finding ways to reach out across the country and even the world to increase the exposure they have regarding quality wool products made in USA.  A number of months ago, the 2014 Olympics selected Ralph Lauren as the designer for the Olympic uniforms and clothing.  Ralph Lauren in turn reached out to the IMPERIAL STOCK RANCH for some good ole made in USA yarn.

We were extremely blessed and very excited to have Jeanne share with us at church yesterday evening, the results of the efforts on a number of people’s part who’ve put together what can only be described as FANTASTIC Olympic Sweater made with yarn which originated just a few miles away from us on Jeannie and Dan’s ranch.  Jeannie was all over the major news media, papers, TV interviews, etc., regarding the project and the unveiling of the Sweater designed by Ralph Lauren.

What a wonderful, warm, patriotic,  God Loving story.  A bit of which can be seen in the video linked here.  A bit of Googling will reveal more.  Here”s one little article:

Update on Fees for Community Center Rental

The City Council, at the meeting on Jan 6, 2014, passed Resolution 2014-01 which set new fees for the use (rental) of the community center.  A copy of the resolution can be found by clicking here.  In short however the new fee schedule is as follows:

The fee structure is two-tiered: level one is for those who at the time of reserving the center, hold a valid Post Office Box in the Antelope Post Office and level two is for all others.

LEVEL ONE fees are:
Building rental: $ 50.00 per event, per day
Building rental WITH kitchen $100.00 per event, per day

LEVEL TWO fees are:
Building rental: $100.00 per event, per day
Building rental WITH kitchen $150.00 per event, per day

A cleaning deposit of $50.00 is required regardless of whether it is a LEVEL ONE or LEVEL TWO rental. If the building is returned clean and in the same condition as when rented, your cleaning deposit will be promptly refunded.

The fee may be paid in advance in it’s entirety by check made out to CITY OF ANTELOPE.  You may also pay by check with a $50.00 reservation fee and the balance due at the time of the event.

Water Department Update

A word of appreciation to the people on the east side of town (College and East Streets) for putting up with a water turn-off from about 9:30AM to 3:30 PM on Christmas Eve while a serious leak was found and fixed in the main line servicing down Union Street to the Fire Hall.

See the Water Department Page on this website for more info.

Also, please note that the water quality analysis report for Dec is posted.

Thanks for the Harvest Dinner

The Harvest Dinner was an outstanding success.  WOW.  What a crowd, and the food? Well, superlatives like great, super, outstanding, awesome — still don’t do justice to the job the ladies did in preparation, quality, serving, cleanup, pleasantness, and truly wonderful tasting food.  


Antelope and the community thank everyone involved.

Some Interesting Census Statistics about the Vietnam War

Interesting Census Stats and “Been There” Wanabees:

1,713,823 of those who served in Vietnam were still alive as of August, 1995 (census figures).  During that same Census count, the number of Americans falsely claiming to have served in-country was: 9,492,958.

  • As of the current Census taken during August, 2000, the surviving U.S. Vietnam Veteran population estimate is: 1,002,511. This is hard to believe, losing nearly 711,000 between ’95 and ’00. That’s 390 per day.
  • During this Census count, the number of Americans falsely claiming to have served in country is: 13,853,027.  By this census, FOUR OUT OF FIVE WHO CLAIM TO BE Vietnam vets are not.
  • The Department of Defense Vietnam War Service Index officially provided by The War Library originally reported with errors that 2,709,918 U.S. military personnel as having served in-country. Corrections and confirmations to this errored index resulted in the addition of 358 U.S. military personnel confirmed to have served in Vietnam but not originally listed by the Department of Defense. (All names are currently on file and accessible 24/7/365).

Rescheduled City Council Meeting – September

Normally, City Council meetings are held on the 1st Monday of the month.  However, for September 2013, that is a national holiday and for that reason the September council meeting has been re-scheduled.

The new date is Monday, September 9, 2013, at 6PM in the basement of the Community Center.

The posting of the agenda will follow.

Tim Richardson
City Recorder



I have completed the first phase of a “posting” facility allowing persons approved for posting to be able to do so. One of the challenges was figuring out how to set this up such that you didn’t need to learn how to use WordPress to be able to post.

Now that I’ve got that figured out, it’s set up so that if anyone can send an email then they can post by email (provided they’ve been approved) and it’s really no more difficult than that.

Part of the approval process will generate an email address, unique to each poster, to which you will send your email posting. Emails sent to the unique address will automagically show up on the website. You can compose a regular email, include links, attachments or documents created in MS WORD (*.doc and *.docx files) and they will appear on the website in that exact formatted manner. It’s actually pretty cool and I thank Google Docs for the help and their software.

The “tutorial” for showing you how to do this will take only 5-10 minutes and I’ll be happy to put on a mini-group seminar or come to your house, or have you individually bring your laptop here to my house. You’ll just need to RSVP to this invitation and let me know how you’d like to proceed.

Your Webmaster

September City Council Meeting


Please be advised that the City Council meeting, normally scheduled for the 1st Monday of each month is going to be held on September 9th, NOT September 2nd. The time will remain set for 6PM.

September 2nd is a national holiday and as a result the meeting will be the second Monday of September.

Please mark your calendars accordingly,

Thank you
Tim Richardson

LOC Bulletin

Below is the link to the latest weekly LOC Bulletin.

If the above link is not connecting to this week’s Bulletin, it can also be viewed through the home page of the League’s Web site:

Fire Dept Call out 3-22-13

A little past 10PM on 3/22/13 the AVFD was called out by 911 dispatch to respond to a vehicle accident at milepost 19 on Hwy 218.  The department responded to what turned out to be a single vehicle accident at approximately MP 15.  The driver was outside of the vehicle on arrival and appeared to be uninjured, the vehicle was inspected for any other possible occupants; there were none.  Normal safety checks were performed regarding the damaged vehicle, and the driver, though appearing physically okay was seated and watched until Jefferson Co Medical and law enforcement arrived approximately 25 minutes later.  The scene was turned over to them and the AVFD returned home.  The driver was quite fortunate though the car didn’t survive well.

Water leak

A water leak in the city system was found by our Watermaster, Don Fischer.  It was at the corner of College and Union Streets.  Rawhide Excavation was contacted and came out on Saturday, March 16th.  Several hours later, the leaking section of pipe having been replaced, the water was back on.  Only the east half of town from College St to East Street was affected by the shutoff.  It is estimated that this leak alone probably accounted for in excess of 10,000 gals per day.