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Antelope Oregon Council meetings are available online. Information updates on the infrastructure or other official “doings,” just REGISTER by filling out the little form below.


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Antelope Oregon City Council Meetings:

City Council meetings are being held in the room which was traditionally City Hall, located in the basement of the Community Center on the east side.  The meeting hall has been recently renovated and is, probably for the first time in history, quite pleasant, comfortable, and well lighted.

Date & Time:  First Wednesday of each month, at 2:00 PM (Meeting time subject to change during the summer months)

The PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT criteria are met through the posting of notices here on this website AND at the City’s main bulletin board on Main Street in front of the Antelope Oregon City Park, and on the South-side door of the Community Center.

The agenda for each meeting will be posted not later than 24 hrs prior to each meeting at the places noted above.

If you have any suggestions, requests, or even demands (keep it polite please 🙂 )  for the next meeting’s agenda, use the section below to let the Council know.  We would also appreciate your feedback on any subject relevant to the City, its operation, infrastructure, problems, praises, or whatever is on your mind — see the link below.

Contact the City of Antelope, Oregon below.  (Also see our “Contacts” page)