Community Center

A Brief Overview:

The Antelope Community Center — this is an historic building, built in about 1925 as the third school house building in the town, each of the previous ones having burned down in turn.  During the time prior to the invasion of the Rajaneesh (1981-1985) it had been used continuously as a school. It has two classrooms, a nice sized gymnasium and a full sized basement used for a variety of activities.  The Rajaneesh took over the town (see the history page on this website) and took over the school too, installing not just their children but their teachers.  The locals, including the outlying ranchers whose children attended the Antelope School were appalled at the curriculum, the teachers and their methodology, and pulled their children out of the school and sent them elsewhere; leaving just the Rajaneesh children in the school.

When the Rajaneesh commune collapsed in 1985, obviously their children left with the parents, leaving no one to attend the school. It was subsequently decertified by the Wasco County School district and was then turned over the the town for use as a community center.

In 2009-2010, during the winter, a water pipe froze and broke inside the building.  Without anyone knowing, thousands and thousands of gallons of water (estimated at 100,000 +) flooded the interior causing well over $100,000 in damage. Nearly all the damage has been repaired, and this year (2013) the Community Center resumed one of it’s traditional roles as the place where hundreds of people from all around the area gather for a traditional Thanksgiving feast we call THE HARVEST DINNER.  This past year we had people from Bend, Condon, Fossil, Grass Valley, The Dalles and lots of places in between.

The building is handicapped access approved, with a wheelchair ramp, approved lift-chair for the stairs, and, of course, handicapped accessible bathrooms.

The Building in now on the Register of National Historic Places and there is a lot more information here:   .Antelope School – Community Center


We rent out the Community Center for a wide variety of activities: Churches, Ladies Home Extension, Public and Private Meetings and seminars, etc.

To schedule the use of the facility, you will need to contact our scheduling coordinator:

Laura Taylor
(541) 489-3313          or

Once you have scheduled the facility you will need to complete a use form which you can download HERE – this file also contains the costs for usage.  When that is completed, mail it, with your check to:

City Treasurer
City of Antelope
P.O. Box 105
Antelope, Oregon 97001

If you have any difficulties with any of this, or need to speak to someone about the use of the facility, please email:

Tim Richardson
City Recorder